Portrait by Zaneta Antosik for
Computer Arts Magazine's "New Talent Issue"
Chiara Bajardi likes to make stuff (better).
Lovingly referred to as 'artybajardi' for as long as I can remember, I'm an interdisciplinary designer and art director with a charge to prove how creative can move people—not just product. 

In my 17 years working in NYC, my work has spanned verticals and touch points. I have been a member of teams and a leader of teams in the realms of fintech, medtech, architecture, high-end fashion/e-comm, politics, and smart devices. I like to hang on the border of creative and business, and enjoy interfacing with stakeholders of various capacities.

I speak art. I speak code. I speak purpose.

Other interests include live music, travel, politics, social justice, and pumpernickel everything bagels.

Need help with an awesome project? Reach out via email  or submit the form below. I can also be found on LinkedIn, and Working Not Working.
I look forward to collaborating!
Awesome. Thanks for reaching out! Can't wait to hear what you've got cookin.
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